House and home renovations and refurbishments


With a Staircase, everything is governed by Building Regulations, the rake or angle, the tread sizes, space around the stair, so the show stopping design in wood, glass, stone, or concrete has to conform.


Beautiful wood and stone, practical tiles and concrete or resin floors are all options for creating a spacious look and feel.

Front doors

Have a front door installed which shows off the house. The classic choice will match those in the street. There are also distinctive looks created by wooden doors with horizontal detailing or extra wide doors pivoting in a wider frame.

Internal Doors

Moving a door or changing it to open inwards or outwards can enhance the space. A pocket door which slides is another solution.


Original windows are worth hanging onto but need regular maintenance. It is worth refurbishing them to improve their performance. Or alternatively, having totally new windows installed.


Often the idea is to take out a wall and replace it with an expanse of glazing. This brings the garden space more in contact with the home and with sliding doors one can incorporate large panes of glass in proportion to frame. Building Regulations need to be adhered to here.